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1958:Dancing with Fear

CoverIn this forgotten classic of Golden Age Hollywood, a vedette fallen on hard times (Salomé Vélez) finds herself enmeshed in a tangle of political intrigue, romance and betrayal in a Caribbean republic. Torn between her love for a smuggler, the lust of a corrupt policeman and the machinations of a Soviet intelligence operative, the protagonist navigates the dangers of a high-society party on the eve of revolution. As she tries to survive through that fateful night, the memories of her past will come to haunt her. Controversial at the time for its depiction of Cold War politics and morally ambiguous protagonist. (120 minutes, Technicolor, in-game hint system)

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 Onna Kabuki (demo)

onnakabuki.pngJapan, 1602.

A noble lady, betrayed.
A loyal samurai, fallen.
A mysterious monk, unmasked.
A titillating actress, haunted.
A wayward drunkard, redeemed.

Take your seat, for the curtain is drawn…

(This is the demo version. The full game will be coming later in 2018!)

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Ariadne in Aeaea

peque2Isle of Aeaea, the eastern Aegean. 3,500 years ago.

In the northern wastes, the Achaeans have a new and warlike chieftain. Palace after palace is falling to his armies. On the shores of Crete, the Minoan civilisation awaits at the eve of extinction. At her sanctuary of Aeaea, the cunning Circe struggles to coordinate a political counteroffensive…

And somewhere in the sticks, a young Minoan priestess named Ariadne wakes up to a hangover of mythological proportions.

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CoverLeave Rome in the dead of night.

Pursue an hermetic quest throughout Medieval Europe.

Find arcane knowledge or utter despair.

Blessings of Babylon.


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