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Ariadne in Aeaea postmortem

Ariadne in Aeaea is a parser-based game created with Inform 7, which placed 12th in IFComp 2016. It follows the exploits of the mythological Ariadne, as a rather mundane priestess in training in the fictional but non-mythological setting of a small Aegean island. You can play it online clicking here, or read on for a… Continue reading Ariadne in Aeaea postmortem

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IF and poetic design at AdventureX

This year I was able to attend AdventureX, an event geared towards narrative and writerly games. The venue, at Goldsmiths University (southern London) was not exactly easily accessible but the warm atmosphere and casualness of the event more than made up for any shortcomings.   If I had to pick two talks among the range… Continue reading IF and poetic design at AdventureX

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Ariadne in Aeaea (WIP)

So after much dithering, I have decided to enter this year’s IFComp. The Interactive Fiction Competition is probably the oldest IF event, this year being the 22nd. It’s been described as the Superbowl of interactive fiction, and while this sounds perhaps a bit too grandiose, it definitely is the biggest event. Last year I participated… Continue reading Ariadne in Aeaea (WIP)

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Scribbling in the sun: the state of the art in Spain

A few weeks ago ran a series of articles about gamedev in Spain, to celebrate the first anniversary of the podcast. The idea was to cover each and every field of development, from programming to art to localisation to marketing. Each article had to be written by an insider in the subject matter –… Continue reading Scribbling in the sun: the state of the art in Spain