I’m part of BAFTA Crew Games 2018!

I’m super happy to announce that I’ve been accepted as a member of BAFTA Crew Games 2018. This had been on my list of long-terms goal for a while.

BAFTA Crew Games is a pretty nifty initiative of the BFI that brings together young professionals of the British games industry for a round-the-year programme of talks and other events. Although I have attended several of these events in the past, listening to the likes of Dan Abnett and Rhianna Pratchett, this is the first year I will do so as a card-carrying member of BAFTA Crew, so to speak.


I’m looking forward to the upcoming events in 195 Piccadilly and to meeting friends old and new. From previous experience, the Crew crowd are a unique mixture of professionals from all fields within games, often with a generous helping of non-gamesfolk (gasp!). It’s always fun and heartwarming to meet your peers – especially as a freelancer, which means I often work thousands of miles from clients and dev teams. It’s nice to interact with humans, in the flesh, for a change.

So if you work in the British games industry and you have between 2 and 4 years of experience, I would definitely encourage you to apply for next year. And if you’re a fellow Crewster this year – congrats and hope to meet you at the next event!