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Temtem is happening

Just a few days ago I revealed the latest game I’ve been working on, Temtem.

I must confess I was holding my breath, waiting to see how the Kickstarter would do.

It’s such a weird feeling to work on something for so many months in total secret – and then it suddenly becomes a reality… but just enough to have you biting your nails while a crowdfunding campaign decides its ultimate fate.

So I breathed one big sigh of relief when Temtem got funded within the first 3 days.


As a matter of fact Temtem has surpassed the 300% mark, making it an incredible success story even before it is made. It’s both wonderful and scary to be part of such a big thing. The expectations it is creating are something completely new for me.

Every now and then I hang out at the Temtem Discord for a while – and the sheer enthusiasm of backers and fans blows my mind every single time. The community that has grown almost overnight around this game is incredibly energetic. Their love for this game that nobody knew less than a month ago is impressive and inspiring. I do get asked a lot of tricky questions about Temtem lore, ranging from what’s my favourite Temtem (no brainer, it’s Pigepic) to Lady Lottie‘s favourite food (I think I mumbled something about tea and cucumber sandwiches?). There’s already a staggering amount of Temtem fanart and cryptic memes going around, complete with conspiracy theories explaining how some Temtem are secretly evolved versions of others.

It all definitely puts a lot of responsibility on the development team at Crema (and Yours Truly) to deliver a great experience.ssss

This level of funding also means Temtem is not just happening, it’s also going to be a bigger and deeper game. From new optional rules for the hardcore fans of creature-collection games to brand new Temtem, the campaign has smashed stretch goals in rapid succession.

Some of them will definitely put additional items on my To Do list, specially those that imply additional quests and more lore and depth to the Archipelago, its islands and inhabitants. And I’m thrilled.

At the moment of writing, we are approaching the Nintendo Switch stretch goal. A Switch version is something that many fans of Temtem have been asking about, so it was only natural that Crema would offer this as a stretch goal. If (when) it happens, I’m sure it will spark even more interest in the game. If you want to play Temtem on your Switch, you know what to do.

A few days ago I gave an interview about Temtem to Jupiter Hadley of Big Boss Battle. In that interview, Guillermo Andrades (CEO of Crema) and Yours Truly answered many questions about the development, features and lore of the game. It’s probably the best and most comprehensive Q&A published to date, so if you want to know more, just check it out.

And with more than two weeks to go, it’s anyone’s guess how many more stretch goals will be reached. Me, I’m buying popcorn for the wait – and some aspirin for when it’s over and I have to go back to the keyboard…