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Temtem is coming to Kickstarter!

Finally I can reveal the project I’ve been working on for the last few months! It’s been one long, nail-biting wait, but finally I can talk about it, so buckle up.

Friends, meet Temtem, cute monster trainer sim extraordinaire!


Temtem is a delightful upcoming game about capturing and training cute creatures à la Pokémon. It has a distinctively Mediterranean joie de vivre in each detail of its gorgeous art, from the pastel palette to the lovingly modeled monsters, all smooth, soft curves. As a narrative designer, my main challenge has been to come up with lore and story that matches and complements its colorful, carefree charisma.

But the thing that really will make the game come alive is its massive online multiplayer feature, something fans of the genre have been demanding for years and years. Well, look no further than Temtem, a fresh new take on the wonderful world of making cuddly monsters fight it out for gun.

The player can travel the Airborne Archipelago, a beautifully rendered set of six islands floating mid-air, each with its own distinctive culture and landscape, as well as Temtem gyms, where the player can acquire new Temtem, hone their skills and participate in tournaments and competitions, teaming up with human players or against them, as well as an extensive rooster of quirky NPCs all through the lengthy main quest.

It’s an exhilarating game to design and write for several reasons.

One of them is the chance to work again with Crema, with whom I had collaborated on their breathlessly hectic Immortal Redneck. They are a great team, dynamic and knowledgeable. Fun and challenging combat needs some fine balancing and their designers have been hard at work, polishing it to ensure each type of Temtem (Fire, Water, Wind, Mind and so on) has well-balanced strengths and weaknesses.

Another reason for me to love this project is the way Crema approaches narrative. Having been involved from the very inception of Temtem, I’ve had the rare pleasure of designing everything from the ground up – each one of the islands and its landmarks, each relevant NPC, and of course, the main quest that takes the player all around the Archipelago on a grand tour of discovery. Along this trip the player will find new friends and allies, plenty of chances to improve their Temtem and fighting abilities, but also loads of challenges. Ultimately I like to think of Temtem as a coming-of-age story, a yarn that spins around friendship and collaboration just as the Islands of the Middle Sphere spin around the Pan-Sun.

Temtem is the beginning of a charming, family-friendly new IP that feels specially fresh to me since it’s a departure from the grittier games I’ve worked on lately.

Yes, you can decorate your house with souvenirs from your adventures. You can have your avocado and eat it too!

There is a special charm to the Islands that spills onto their inhabitants. And although they all have their own personalities, problems, hopes, dreams and goldfish, I have tried to keep a consistent tone of happiness, a streak of of happy-go-lucky attitude that underlies each single narrative element. After all, how moody can you be when you live in a pretty, sunny isle in the sky, surrounded by fluffy Temtem? Sure beats my old flat.

Of course, not everyone thinks like that, and somebody had to come spoil the fun for everyone. And that’s where the evil (or just comically misguided) Clan Belsoto steps in. But if you want to know more about their cunning plan and help thwart it and keep the peace of the Archipelago, you’ll have to play the game.

So if this all sounds like something you’d like to play, don’t forget the Kickstarter for Temtem will be live on May 29th, so watch this space.