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Immortal Redneck is out today

My latest commercial game is out just today, available on Steam.

Immortal Redneck is a frantic FPS starring the titular Redneck, an undead yahoo who goes on a mummy-shooting rampage after having a Very Bad start to his holiday in Egypt.

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It has received quite a lot, and I mean a lot, of rave reviews, which of course is super neat and creditable to the efforts of the talented guys of Crema Games.

Personally, the Redneck has been a lot of fun to write. It has required quite a bit of research into southern US idioms, specially Kansas slang. Some reviewers have commented on the cheesy nature of his quips, to which I must reply with a big, cheerful “darn tootin’, pardner” (which is my own Kansan free translation for “sorry not sorry”).

The Redneck is quite a departure from the more dramatic characters and generally high brow stuff I have been working on lately, and a very enjoyable one. It has been very refreshing to get out of my comfort zone for this project, which is quite unlike my previous ones in both tone and genre.

It’s also immensely satisfying to write dialog for voice talent. Working on those crips one liners I was trying to channel a trigger-happier version of Matthew McConaughey in True Detective and Dallas Buyers Club. The result has been excellent and most of its funny quirkiness is down to the inspired performance of the voice talent, Nigel Whitmey, who made an amazing job of bringing the Redneck to life in all his gun-toting, gung-ho joy.

I’m definitely looking forward to working with Crema and Nigel in the future… perhaps in something non-Egyptian, for a change…?

Immortal Redneck is out now on Steam.