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Revved for Rezzed

One of the great things about April in London is EGX Rezzed.

I attended last year’s mainly thanks to my girlfriend, who pretty much dragged me there by an ear, going as far as winning my ticket in a drawing competition (she already had bought one for herself, which also says something for our comparative organisational skills/lack thereof. Ahem.). So I had no excuse for not attending, which is one of the main reasons why I end up doing things anyway.

It was an amazing experience. Having attended other, more massive events, I have fond memories of Rezzed as being a smaller, more indie-centric event. Which is a good thing for everyone involved – indies get more press attention, both gamers and press are not as distracted by Big Announcements and Big Stands and Big Not Quite Booth Babes But Nearly and everyone gets to enjoy a slightly less stressing event. It does no harm to hold it in the Tobacco Dock either, a much more convenient location than Birmingham’s humongous NEC, where the “regular” EGX takes place. Hey, at least while I’m Cambridge-based.

My absolute highlight of last year was having pints and debates with Sam Barlow (Her Story) and Matteo Pozzi of We Are Müesli. They set the bar really high for 2016.

So what am I looking forward this year? Well, loads.

To begin with, the talks – Camposanto will be discussing the gorgeous art of Firewatch, the delicious friends at Failbetter will do a retrospective on my beloved Sunless Sea, plus Jake Birkett and Helen Carmichael of Grey Alien will be giving some advice on how to be an indiedev couple and not kill each other (for once, I will be the one dragging Ara to this conference instead of the other way round. Just to be on the safe side. Just in case. Phew.). We are also unsubtly planning on bumping into our talented neighbours from Inkle, Jon and Joe as well as meeting quite a few devs

I will be doing my own bit of reporting for as well, covering some of the Spanish games visiting this edition of Rezzed. 2016 is going to see an unprecedently huge Spanish presence. Rumour has it the publisher Made in Spain Games will be bringing four new Iberian indie titles, and I am looking forward to meeting old and new friends like up-and-coming UK-based indie Edu Garabito. And then there’s the tireless Ludipe, whom we meet last year in Málaga. His last game, A place for the unwilling has been successfully Kickstarted, and that I can’t wait to check out.

And of course I’m looking forward to meeting all the old friends from last year and beyond – yes I’m looking at you, you know who you are. You lot.

Alright, off we go. Expect great news soon…