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Scribbling in the sun: the state of the art in Spain

A few weeks ago ran a series of articles about gamedev in Spain, to celebrate the first anniversary of the podcast. The idea was to cover each and every field of development, from programming to art to localisation to marketing. Each article had to be written by an insider in the subject matter – and the series was aptly named Spanish Indie Insider.

So I was asked to take care of the writing/narrative design aspect of the series. I was much obliged.

It was also quite difficult to summarise all I know about the Spanish scene (which is admittedly not that much, since I’ve been in the United Kingdom for quite a while now) and make it sound somewhat coherent. Truth is, no other field in game development is as fragmented and idiosyncratic as writing. Writers come from wildy diverse backgrounds and they hold different positions within the industry, often not particularly writerly jobs. There is no such thing as an average game writer, let alone a narrative designer. And the very few well-known ones are too exceptional to use as examples.

So I did what I could, and hopefully I managed to convey a vague idea of what it is like to write games back in sunny Iberia. Enjoy the article and take a look at the rest of the GameCrimes website. It’s well worth it (the web, not my article). You’re welcome.