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Introducing “The Bludisko Bequest”

The Bludisko Bequest (working title) is one of the videogames I’m working on right now. So I thought I might as well tell you more about it.

It was late at night on a late November night when the news came through that the Bludisko deal was on.

The Bludisko Bequest is a text-based, narrative-heavy exploration game. You play the role of a ruthless art appraiser, navigating an old and derelict mansion looking for valuable antiques, hell-bent on beating your competitors to all those treasures in order to get a hefty commission. The more you discover about each piece, the tidier the sum you’ll get for it. But then, the Bludisko manor has secrets darker than you ever cared to unearth, and all too soon your historical research turns into something much more unsettling… and more dangerous.

All you have is your wits, your keyboard and an encyclopedic knowledge about Old And Very Expensive Trinkets.

Can you uncover the sinister truth, survive… and escape to safety with a fortune in dusty artifacts?

And that’s all I’m telling you for now!  ;)

Stay tuned & wrap up warm!