Ariadne in Aeaea  (IFComp entrant, 2016)


Isle of Aeaea, the eastern Aegean. 3,500 years ago.

In the northern wastes, the Achaeans have a new and warlike chieftain. Palace after palace is falling to his armies. On the shores of Crete, the Minoan civilisation awaits at the eve of extinction. At her sanctuary of Aeaea, the cunning Circe struggles to coordinate a political counteroffensive… And somewhere in the sticks, a young Minoan priestess named Ariadne wakes up to a hangover of mythological proportions.

Ariadne in Aeaea is a parser-based interactive fiction created as a prologue to my upcoming game Mistress of the Labyrinth. It presents the titular Ariadne two years before the epic events of MOTL, when she was still a novice priestess.

  • Play as the mythical Ariadne, a young Minoan priestess with other things in mind.
  • Explore the Isle of Aeaea, Circe’s sanctum – and meet the High Priestess herself.
  • A light-hearted story of espionage, politics and debauchery in the Bronze Age.

So say your prayers to the Goddess, reign in your hangover and play it here.


Pharaonic (Milkstone Studios, 2016)


Pharaonic is an action RPG set in Ancient Egypt, now on Steam.

To the Red Pharaoh, Master of the Two Lands, all life, prosperity and health!

In Year 3 of his reign, Pharaoh Ahmosis liberated Egypt, vanquished the invaders, and razed their capital Avaris to the ground. In Year 5 of his reign, the Pharaoh came back to Egypt in great triumph, bringing a powerful relic from Avaris, for he hath conquered Death itself. In Year 14 of his reign, the Red Pharaoh reincarnated for the first time…

-from the Irem Inscriptions, circa 1100 BC

  • Created the overall narrative arc for the game, working hand in hand with the developers.
  • In charge of developing the general lore from the ground up.
  • Designed stage bosses to fit in with narrative design.
  • Designed a few quests in collaboration with the game designers.
  • Created over 50 NPCs and wrote all dialog options, including variable quest lines.


Pilgrimage (IFComp entrant, 2015)


Pilgrimage is a parser-based interactive fiction that you can play online for free here.

Leave Rome in the dead of night. Pursue an hermetic quest throughout Medieval Europe. Find arcane knowledge or utter despair. Blessings of Babylon.

  • A text-based personal voyage in search for redemption and wholeness.
  • Designed, coded and written the game from scratch using Inform 7.
  • Completed in under 1 month for the Interactive Fiction Competition 2015.


Forgotten Kodama (Hugging Cactus, 2012)


 Forgotten Kodama is a 3D action puzzler developed by Hugging Cactus Studios.

This is a legend long forgotten – A tale once passed down by humans… for humans used to cherish living things, before the grey dullness of our times. […] May this legend never fall into oblivion. May your heroic deeds never be forgotten.  For this is the tale of how you saved us, Uzume…

  • A moody, melancholy atmosphere based on Japanese myth.
  • Awarded Best Student Game at the Spanish Industry Awards 2012 (Gamelab Conference).
  • Awareded Three Headed Monkey Award at UPC Awards 2012.


Codename RPP (working title, Hugging Cactus Studios, TBA)


Thus we cometh from lands afar / To seek ye fair maiden warrioress / In the forsaken temple of doors ajar / Her to deliver from her mind’s recess…

Codename RPP (aka 99Crows) is a fighting game with Jungian influences.

  • Defeat wave after wave of enigmatic, riddle-ladden enemies while you search for truth within yourself.
  • Created the concept for an unusual narrative within a frantic fighting game.
  • In charge of the Spanish localisation.


MicroWars (working title, early prototype phase)


MicroWars is an indie turn-based strategy game set in a dark fantasy universe.

  • Overall concept for a new IP and universe.
  • Writing of all in-game text, including  UI, dialogs and lore.
  • In charge of the Spanish localisation of the whole game.